Friday, October 14, 2005

10-15-05: A new AMV

Obviously I have returned from my visit to New Jersey and my brief excursion to Onna. And obviously the Noir AMV I was going to make fell by the wayside after I heard the music for Maybe on Thursday. I've been wanting to do a Sol Bianca AMV for some time, but really hadn't thought of doing much other than letting the show make a cameo in a group AMV. Until I heard this song, and all that changed. Actually I only used half the song- k.d. was gracious enough to end the song at that point and start up again. Although I'm unaware of her musical reasons for doing so, I am truly grateful! It made it very easy to work with.
This is definitely an AMV where you do not need to know the show or the characters. I've made my own story with it and anyone can follow along.
This may turn out to be one of my personal favorites. I think the music suits the color and tempo of the AMV very well. I used the cards theme since the tarot cards had so much meaning for Feb, and ultimately for April, when Feb left her the Lovers card.
For those who would argue that they're not a canon couple, you are right. But you cannot argue the point that April became a useless pile of wuss without Feb, or that Feb didn't bawl her eyes out over April. And I like how the ending left things open for ventures into fanfiction. :)
I wouldn't suggest running out and buying this show. I've basically wrung the yuri out of it and made it into this AMV. Hmmm... maybe I should write up a quick review of it.

As of the moment, Anything still leads the way in the AMV downloads, followed by Kakumei Love Song. We'll see how long it takes Maybe to give these two a challenge.

I finally got around to watching the first two volumes of my Battle Athletes DVD's. I already reviewed the BA: Victory series so you know that I thought Akari was a whining annoyance. But here she seems to actually have a spine, which makes her far more likeable. Kris is still a serene flake, and I have to admit she did some things that had me lol. I think the animation quality took a definite nosedive from Victory, but after a while I got used to it. And there's definitely hints of lurv here, Anna comes right out and says that Akari must be in love with Kris.
I don't have the last volume yet, but once I've watched the whole thing, I'll put it up in my reviews area. It really stinks that there's only two episodes on each DVD. That's one reason I haven't been in a rush to finish the show.
And as always, a quick note of thanks for those who take the time to write in the guestbook or e-mail me, it's always appreciated and lets me know what people have an interest in, so I can focus on those things.
Have a yuri day~~~~

Thursday, October 06, 2005

10-6-05: Waiting for the SLAM!

Okay, why such a strange title for this entry? Because I think, after some people read the latest chapters of A Page Re-written, they are not going to be happy.
So BEFORE you read any more of the blog, if you haven't read the updates, you might want to do that first. Because here come the semi- spoilers:
SLAM #1: Where the hell is Madlax?
One answer I would give is that this story is about Vanessa's page, not Madlax's, so Vanessa is the central character here. The other answer is: On a mission, silly. She'll be back!
SLAM #2: OMG you did not just end it right there!!!
Yea, I did. More will be coming, promise. It just takes time to write it all down and then more stuff happens while I'm writing...these characters just start doing their own thing, and I try to keep up with them.
SLAM#3: Vanessa is so EMO I could puke....
Well her life has totally changed in a very short time. One week, to be exact. She's overwhelmed, and stands to lose friends and family over this, plus her own life is now in danger. Not to mention she's realized some things about her past life that she finds disturbing as well. So cut the poor lady a break here!

Those are the SLAMS I can think of, of course if you have more, toss them my way.

Now on to Return to Dreams, which I really did not want to end it where I did, but I simply ran out of time. I really wanted to break it in two more chapters but I just didn't get them finished, so next update I'll get them.

Be back after Onna! If you're going, hope to see you there!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

10-2-05 More updates on the way!

Before I go to Onna! on Thursday, I will post the latest updates on the site, promise! There will be more of A Page Re-written and for poor Kya who was dying of April/Feb deprivation, more of the Return to Dreams story is going up as well!

For the month of September, Love Song finally pulled ahead as the most popular AMV on the site. Making an unexpected return for second place was the Anything AMV, followed closely by the Madlax AMV.

Smoochie additions as of late:
Kiddy Grade DVD's, volumes 1,2,3,5, and 8. They came with collector cards, I will probably scan a few and post them.
I also was delighted to have delivered a new 250 gig external hard drive- my 160 was 90% full, so I wasn't going to make any more AMV's until I had space. As of the moment, my next planned (and the muses are whimsical, so plans may change) AMV will be dedicated to Noir. Even though there are lots of Noir AMV's out there (and some really good ones), none of them speak to me as to how I feel about the relationship of Mireille and Kirika, which is the only reason I'm making my own. A selfish reason, so we'll see how it turns out.

I really wanted to do more with the site today, my day "off"- but wound up taking care of apartment issues. For anyone considering being a landlord, be advised- it sucks! My last tenant's dog ate the new carpet... so in addition to cleaning and re-painting, now I'll be shelling out the bucks for new carpet. And all this for a tenant who didn't even stay two weeks.

Enough of the pity party, and onward. I'm looking forward to Onna!, and will of course be taking pictures and have a report when I return. I'm also going to be re-arranging the site so that Bakuten has a section all its own, as I will be posting more manga pix there in the future.

That's it for the moment, I do want to thank again those who have taken the time to either sign the guestbook or write to me, it's a great incentive to keep the site going. I just renewed the domain for another year, so I intend to stick around. Thank you!