Thursday, March 27, 2008

3-28-08: A Spring blog cleaning!

Time to shake out and dust off the old blog! Spring is here and yuri is near with the latest updates on the site. It's been forever, so let's see what has transpired:

Aquisitions: DVD 1 of Strawberry Panic (still unwatched), and the first two DVD's for Simoun (almost done watching). I also watched the latest Appleseed movie and wow did they turn Deunan into a girl. Since when did she so often need to be saved? I know it was part of the plot but it was painful to watch. Hitomi made some cameos for specific plot points but she was just a walk-on for a few minutes here and there. The action scenes had all been done before. I did watch the whole thing but I'm not inclined to buy it in the least. The other movie was so much better- Deunan really kicked butt, the action and animation totally outdid this last movie. Meh.

The latest AMV was truly a "quickie" in that it was made in a day and tweaked the next day as I saw a few glitches, then re-loaded back onto the site. I don't know how popular Murder Princess was but it really wasn't a bad anime. Bee Train sure has a thing for deadly young women lol. At any rate I just did a little twisting for a better yuri story out of it.

I always write about what the top AMV's are on the site, but what about the top items in the Gallery? So for something different, let's see what people are peeking at: Shinobuden ninjas herself into first place, Chirality half-nakedly powers into second, and good old Kannazuki (minus the mecha) takes third.

On a personal note, tomorrow the real estate agent comes to list our Baltimore house on the market. It will be a relief to be down to one house and get moved for good, which means I will once again have more time for the site and in general just be a lot happier!

Back to the business at hand, and what people really read this blog for: the latest wtf? phrases that cause people to wander onto the site. We have some real winners this time, so hold onto your yuri hats (or helmets, whichever).

Comparing boob sizes- Ah, you must have been looking for the Bakuten Bordello.
Where do my anime clips go when I save them? I don't know, did you look under your bed?
Yami to Boushi doesn't make any sense- Sure it does, if you're on hallucinogenic drugs. Not only that, but if you play all 13 eps backwards, you get the Utena movie! Is that the lemon-free version of the site for the younger crowd?
Juri Nanami- OMG, I think I'm going to be sick. Eeeww.
Shougo ai- Is this the latest yuri trend? Is that "g" for the "G-spot"?
Fanfiction she belched- erm, what an attractive date you have there
Why is there a shortage of yuri? Because not enough people are belching out yuri fanfiction, silly!
Learn to kiss- well, I've got plenty of pictures on the site for reference. Other than that, you're on your own!
Fanfiction weightlifting- is that some sort of contest? "Hey, I just wrote a 45 ton emo fic! Ha!"
I have a niece who patterns her life choices after mine and it is very annoying- what, do I look like a therapist? Ok, since she does everything you do, here's how you solve the problem: climb up on a tall building and jump- problem solved!
Midget sex movies- woah, speaking of needing therapy.....

And with the visuals from that last search phrase fresh in our heads, let us adjourn at this time. Thanks for reading and see you all next month!