Tuesday, September 04, 2007

9-7-07: Return of the Blog

I thought I could get out of blogging by going into the hospital but as luck would have it, I got better and they discharged me. Just as well, as I've got my Yurisai AMV panel going on at the end of the month and have to get something together for my one hour presentation. I thought perhaps a small tupperware party, followed by a yuri picnic, might be in order. Or I could actually stick to the topic at hand, we shall see!

As for recent acquisitions, I got the 2nd Kashimashi manga, and the last two volumes of Read Or Dream (that would be 3 and 4). Have to say I enjoyed the anime far more than the manga, except Michelle does FINALLY kiss Maggie in volume 4. About time!
I've also got book volumes 2 and 4 of Chirality on the way- I gave up on ever trying to find the individual issues again. At least now I can read the ending (and if it's a good one, scan it for everyone else!) Therefore next month may include more Chirality scans, cross your fingers!

So, what was popular in the AMV section last month? No surprise that girls catfighting in Yuri Tears was number one; it was quite a surprise that My Hime rose from the dead and zombie-walked over Pianobuden into a solid second place. Can nothing douse the unrequited flames of Shizuru/Natsuki?

I just realized I haven't said anything wonderful about the Wii lately, but I will say that the local library carries Wii games and lends them out for free. FREE. And people say there's no heaven on earth! That being said, stay away from Chicken Shoot. More like Chicken Shit, so spare yourself. SSX Blur was fun, and the new Harry Potter isn't bad either. Marble Mania is great for people who like to roll cute things around. It's actually much better than Super Monkey Ball (my monkey cries a lot, lol). So check out your library, they may be holding out on you!

Speaking of things that make monkeys cry, or at the very least scratch their heads, I now give you the strange searches that somehow landed people on this little yuri island.

read eclipse now- great, make me feel guilty for not updating!
girls who are yuri fans- are THE BEST :)
page28 yuri- I believe that's right next to Area 51. Keep looking!
propecia- okay, how did a hair loss search wind up here? Is yuri a secret cure for baldness? Come to think of it, I haven't seen any yuri with bald chicks- must be true!
shoujo ai bed- Interesting. Does it embrace you lovingly at night and cry in the morning when you leave it?
doomed_pie- That's probably what would happen if Deunan decided to cook..... and I know that's what would happen if I tried!
boob manga scans- Guess you landed at the Bordello. Meg says "howdy!"
after sweet kiss- you wind up in the shoujo ai bed, silly
raws theme song- well if I had one, it would go something like this:
Where oh where have my little raws gone
Oh where oh where could they be?
My torrent is dead and the codecs are wrong
Oh god it sucks to be me!

On that note, I'm wrapping it up here. Anyone coming to Yurisai, see you there in a few weeks! (And I know already that AC will be there, because she's riding shotgun with me and as always just being her wonderful little self. If it wasn't for her, my PC would probably still be dead).
Off to that shoujo ai bed with me, and until next time, yuri cheers!