Wednesday, September 21, 2005

9-21-05 Free at last!

Is there a blog that you can paste into from Word? I got tired of Blogger eating my posts so I (wisely, so I thought) typed the latest one up in Notepad and just tried to paste it in here- and BLONDE MOMENT it doesn't work (smacks head).
So I'm going to be lazy and just put a link to the latest stuff here.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

9-15-05 I haven't forgotten the site!

Just a quick update on why there isn't an update- I am working on a huge internet project for a friend (this site will be bigger than mine) and it's due next week, I am working 16 hour days right now and I just don't have time for anything not immediately work-related.
By next weekend I should have my life back, and my yuri-related activities will resume!
Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to write in my guestbook or directly to me, I really appreciate it and hopefully I'll have more stuff for you soon!

Sunday, September 04, 2005

I'll confess right off that I've not done anything with the site, or for the site, since I made my last AMV. I've just been too busy working. I'm also currently helping a friend with an internet project for school, so her website has been getting my attention lately. You know she must be pretty desperate if she asked me to help her, lol. I am truly far removed from being a webmaster!
I have watched a little anime here and there as I've waited to fall asleep at night, so here's a few quick thoughts on what I've seen recently:

Battle Athletes: Ready! (2 episode VHS, dubbed). This is the middle part of the 6 part OVA. I own the complete Victory series on DVD, so this caught my interest. I have to say Akari is not as annoying in this one, she actually seems to have a spine. Kris is cool as always. The best part is in ep 4 when Kris gets naked and gives Akari a massage. Akari, you lucky twit! And to think you asked Kris to please put her clothes back on.....
There doesn't seem to be any sign of Ichino in this one, which is okay by me because I'm always rooting for Kris anyway, lol. Mylandah is evil, but only in a sneaky way. I liked her "in-your-face" intimidation tactics better. Anna is truly full of surprises in this one, I won't spoil it any further than that. Lahrri is still as competitive as ever, but her hair- it looks like she got it caught in a laminator! That girl needs a serious cosmo beauty make-over!
This was tempting enough that I might get it on DVD. Now I want to see how it ends. If I do watch any more of it, I'll probably write a review in my bizarre review section.

I also had the misfortune to watch the DVD of Vandread: The Second Stage (Final Assault). Ah, how aptly named. Dread is exactly how I would feel if I had to watch any more of this. I watched it subbed. It seemed to be the last 3 episodes in the series, judging by the number of explosions and erstwhile space fireworks in the last episode. Impassioned speeches and Gonzo mecha- I had enough after three episodes. The only interesting character was the trans-gendered creature with the retro genie outfit. You go girl!

Well, originally I had a much longer post, but when I went to preview it, Blogger ate it. And I don't feel like typing it all out again now. So I'll just end with this: if there's something you can do to help people recover from the tragic loss sustained from hurricane Katrina- do it.