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6-4-07: June Jammin'

It's June. Which means summer, graduation, inflated gas prices, and standing in line behind people who could really use a shower. Speaking of things that stink, it's time for me to blog again as I missed last month. Therefore, without further unwashed pomp and circumstance, I will proceed.

First up, nothing much new in the yuri collection other than some Kashimashi manga. Of course there will be scans later! On the AMV side of things, I am working on an entry for Yurisai this year which I will post on my site as well. And I just ordered a 500 gig drive from Amazon because making all these AMV's eats more space than you can imagine!

Site-wise, I am still pondering (as I have for years) on putting up a forum, but I do have offers of help so it may yet happen. As for the most popular AMV's for the month of May, here goes: In the center ring is Kaleido Dream. Moping in the corner of melancholy is Never Mine, and celebrating out in the parking lot is the feel-good Yuri Holidays. I swear, that last one won't die- maybe I really should make a Yuri Picnic AMV!

Speaking of picnic, it's time to spread out the yuri blanket and see what oddities of search phrases made their way to the site. Enjoy the nonsensical feast!

tiara s and how to make them- well then, have a yuri princess you'd like to impress? Good luck!
anime prom- Take your yuri princess out on a date to the prom! Perfect!
she pressed back into me- Aha, a sign of things going well on your date.
gun under her dress- Er, maybe things aren't going so well after all.... next time don't date any girls from Bee Train!
nao wrestling fic- what you wind up reading later after your prom date goes bad.

That's it for now, hold onto your yuri tiaras as I'll be back next month with another bout of yuri to battle your summertime boredom!


Blogger bystrouska said...

Yay! Bakablonde's working on a new AMV! Looking forward to it, as always. :)

I just checked out the BakuTen OVA, "Infinity", and was wondering what you thought of it? As for me, I'm in a totally "huh?!" state of bewilderment. The OP was quite cool (although I'd love it for them to calm down with the boobies just once – a pious hope, I know, but come ooooon, if Meg's breasts keep inflating like this she'll just end up floating in the air or something) and I liked how the three girly girls had changed (especially the baby nerd, now that's an improvement). But the ep in itself was pretty… bleh, I guess (all this… for that?!). It took me a few painful minutes to figure out it was a prequel, not sequel, so I ended up getting a BakuTen-induced headache, which is definitely no what one would expect from these series. ;)
Ah, well, at least it was cute to see Jo smiling and comforting Meg, I guess. But the shot of Sei standing with her shirt open in the OP might have scarred me for life, though. I don't think I can handle that much airgeared boobies flashing in just one OP.

On a totally unrelated note, you were talking about yuri picnics – guess what, I went on a picnic with fellow translation students last weekend, and while there was nothing yuri about it (and no anime/manga talk), we ended up discussing the private life of "Queer Smurf" (a subject brought up by my own exclamation of "oh, look, I got the queer Smurf!" while digging in a pack of gum Smurfs…)
I guess there's indeed something really queer about picnics.

(Oh, and regarding that "gun under her dress" searchword? You *know* it's really about an unreleased BakuTen special where Jo dresses up as a girl and pretends to act girly in a frilly gown… until guys get too macho and she has to whack them with her badass pistols. XD )

6:10 PM  
Anonymous apprenticecelt said...

Woot to June! After June comes July… and I know what happens in July, the sun, sand and yes the beach followed by Otakon! Yay to that. :) As for your up and coming AMV good luck. The way you are with an AMV every month or so, you may end up needing another 500gb before long. Make the plunge next time and go all out for a 1tb, yeah that is a lot of space. You'll use it because you are creative like that.

I’m all about your Nana scans, as you may already know. Figured I’d mention it anyway. The forum sounds like a great idea, I will go on the record as giving you a full “go ahead and do it!” Besides I would not mind helping with it when free time is available.

You keep mentioning Yuri Picnics this summer. Want to go on one? We could spread out the yuri blanket with all the freshly made (or bought) yuri goodies. After we’ve eaten I could pour some delicious yuri tea. After which the Tiara would be forgotten we’d skip the prom (cuz I'm to old), hopefully I wont find a gun anywhere and well I’ll pass on the wrestling. Maybe you could press back into me while I lean against a tree or on the grass. Now doesn’t that summer fling sound pleasant? I wonder am I day dreaming?? ~Must be my thing for blondes…

Have a good day.
Yours truly,

12:34 PM  
Anonymous apprenticecelt said...

You have not blogged yet for July :( I am overly disappointed. That and I have this terrible habit of checking back to your site just to see your witty comments and search phrases. Somehow I get ideas in my head for going out on dates after you release those - LoL

On another note you fixed your guest book. I'm sure it was a pain in the rear to try and figure out the problem. Although I do like the spot for messages at the top of the page as apposed to clicking a link. Good job!

I look forward to your next blog-time.

Have fun,

3:20 PM  
Anonymous scratch here to reveal prize said...

You said it apprenticecelt!


*sits down and waits patiently*

5:35 AM  
Blogger bystrouska said...

Hey, let's all sit down in a circle and wait patiently together! :)
Hell, why not even have a picnic while we wait? ;)

5:36 AM  
Anonymous apprenticecelt said...

Well all who hath joined the wait I think we will be here awhile – Maybe after this post she will blog for us. - Of course while we wait I shall be at Otakon this weekend. Fun filled adventure of watching anime, taking pictures, checking out the dealer room and having picnics with a hottie blonde. – No I am not biased! :) - In fact one of two picnics (so far) was sushi shared on a bench across the street from the convention center… ahh sweet yuri-dom.

Yes folks read and thus be jealous because I am a privileged celt. I have to admit that my crush over this "hottie blonde" has developed quite a bit as I have spent time with her. I will even say here that she has my heart - I do love this woman, in a most sincere fashion. Let us all enjoy our summer fun and Yuri picnics. :-)

See you at the con or just in the blog,


4:13 PM  
Blogger bakablonde said...

Bystrouska, I agree that the wait was really one big "meh" in the end. I knew it was a prequel set around ep 15 of the show, but still...that was a long wait for a short 30 minutes. As for Meg's monumental mammaries, I foresee a new videogame- "Megamari Darcy"- where her large boobs roll around town collecting those hapless enough to be in her way!
Scratch, welcome to the yuri picnic club! Glad you think the blog is worth the wait, as I excel in procrastination!
AC, as the official yuri picnic President, I'd like to see you in my office- NOW ;)

5:24 PM  

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