Tuesday, February 14, 2006

2-14-06: Happy Yuritine's Day!

Akari and I hope everyone enjoys the latest AMV. It may be the last one I do for a while, as I've been on a roll lately and I feel like I'm getting carpal tunnel syndrome from being on the computer too much. :)
As of the release today, the top 3 AMV's on the site are:
All I Really Wanted (Marimite fans are speaking loudly with this one, trouncing everyone else!)
Yuriseed (I really am going to write a Deunan/Hitomi fic!)

No new additions at the moment, I've been too busy to shop. But I just found out ADV is having a huge sale so I will be loading up, and let you know later what I got!

Most likely I am going to can my Yumi/Sachiko fic in favor of a Deunan/Hitomi story. Sorry Sachiko, Deunan's got a nicer set of guns, lol.

And now for the best 3 search phrases of the month that brought people to my site:
pantied- And so they were introduced to Najica, lol
rub my pants- Think I'll pass on that....
free amv s- Why yes they are, help yourself!

That's it, I have to run off to work, so everyone have a great Valentine's day!