Monday, June 04, 2007

6-4-07: June Jammin'

It's June. Which means summer, graduation, inflated gas prices, and standing in line behind people who could really use a shower. Speaking of things that stink, it's time for me to blog again as I missed last month. Therefore, without further unwashed pomp and circumstance, I will proceed.

First up, nothing much new in the yuri collection other than some Kashimashi manga. Of course there will be scans later! On the AMV side of things, I am working on an entry for Yurisai this year which I will post on my site as well. And I just ordered a 500 gig drive from Amazon because making all these AMV's eats more space than you can imagine!

Site-wise, I am still pondering (as I have for years) on putting up a forum, but I do have offers of help so it may yet happen. As for the most popular AMV's for the month of May, here goes: In the center ring is Kaleido Dream. Moping in the corner of melancholy is Never Mine, and celebrating out in the parking lot is the feel-good Yuri Holidays. I swear, that last one won't die- maybe I really should make a Yuri Picnic AMV!

Speaking of picnic, it's time to spread out the yuri blanket and see what oddities of search phrases made their way to the site. Enjoy the nonsensical feast!

tiara s and how to make them- well then, have a yuri princess you'd like to impress? Good luck!
anime prom- Take your yuri princess out on a date to the prom! Perfect!
she pressed back into me- Aha, a sign of things going well on your date.
gun under her dress- Er, maybe things aren't going so well after all.... next time don't date any girls from Bee Train!
nao wrestling fic- what you wind up reading later after your prom date goes bad.

That's it for now, hold onto your yuri tiaras as I'll be back next month with another bout of yuri to battle your summertime boredom!