Wednesday, November 01, 2006

11-01-06: 'Tis Wiivember, and time for a yuri update!

Another month arrives to find my blog still alive. I tried to have it euthanized, but internet activists picketed my mail server, so I relented. Perhaps soon the social webservices people will come take it away altogether due to neglect and place it in a blog foster home. One can only hope!

Yes, I confess- I am totally excited about the arrival of the Wii, so I am updating now before major distraction sets in mid-month, courtesy of Nintendo's wiimote. if I could only invent a yurwiimote, my life would be complete. :)

Onward to business. Is everyone here? Ah yes, I see you both. Let's commence.
First up, additions to the collection: The Kannazuki DVD's are all now accounted for, as are all four of the Jubei Chan 2 series. Ikkitousen is now in its smarmy entirety, and a new Noir soundtrack CD has found its way home. It's practically raining yuri over here!

The top 3 AMV's for October were: Kakumei Love Song (must be a lot of Pink fans out there), then the latest, Swept Away, followed by the Hime hordes with My Pain.

Upcoming things: the elections, Black Friday, increased gas prices, and another AMV from me. Personally, I think the last one sounds the best, and I'm excited about it- I think people will really like this one, so hang in there!

And in closing, I once again bring proof that aliens are already among us- here are search words by which people stumbled onto the Area 51 of yuri......

my little toyz: my little repulsion. Please, put them away!
flat-chested kirika: I'm letting Mireille handle this one. She'll be knocking at your door shortly.
shoujo-ai and yuri naked: this is why I don't have a webcam....
yuri pose: Madonna, forget Vogue. You've just found something better!
do you ever wear underwear: lolololololol do you ever get laid?

That's it, really, after that last one, I can't take it anymore. These people walk among us! But fear not, our passion for yuri keeps us strong- and makes us buy pretty lacy panties! Ciao!