Monday, April 25, 2005

The Kannazuki AMV- "What was she thinking?"

Now...why this song?
Because once you take out the mechas and Orochi, what you have is two girls who are "wierded out" by how they feel. Add in Orochi, and you have "ordinary" mikos in the sense that the cycle was thought to just repeat as always...except that Chikane refused to walk inside those lines and broke out of it.
"Is it enough to die" and "somebody save my life" is just so much himeko and chikane's "miko dilemma" that I felt it worked well. In the end, they were not ordinary mikos, and not ordinary girls.
Also the part "knock me off my feet". Here you have Chikane, the princess with everything, and she's floored by no-name, ordinary Himeko. Everything else Chikane does she handles with grace and flair- except for her relationship with Himeko. Actually they both cause each other pain, but love is awkward and can hurt at times, and if we're lucky, we get the happy ending they had.

4-25-05 It's a MIKO MONDAY!

At last! My Kannazuki no Miko AMV is done, and I'll be able to get some sleep, something I haven't done in the last three days because I've been working on this like a woman possessed.
This video took more to make than I ever imagined. Not just in terms of time, but sheer aggravation. All the raws I painstakingly downloaded, would not open in Virtual Dub until I could find and locate some plugin that would take the audio format (and then I had to strip out the audio for the clips, go figure.) Some of them I still had to re-convert into AVI format again just to get them to load...a total annoyance. Finally I started the project in Pinnacle; my computer crashed while I was out, and I hadn't saved anything...thereby giving myself the large headache of having to start all over. (I'm one of those people that never turns off her PC). After becoming frustrated with the learning curve (baka is in my name for a reason) I gave up on Pinnacle and went back to my old video editing program that is easier to use, thereby starting over yet again. There were other smaller issues as well, that involved re-encoding and tossing out scenes that would not render properly and then find new ones. Not to mention I've been working quite a bit lately and time to make AMV's has seriously decreased.
I would like to thank the people over at #lililicious who helped me beta test this AMV and gave me helpful feedback so I could make changes. The last few days have been spent doing just that.
I hope people like the music I used, I just had to use it because it seemed to fit so perfectly to what was going on in the series, in fact I would have not made the AMV if I hadn't heard the song first!

Monday, April 18, 2005

4-18-05 Gark!

I knew I was going to be busy when I started my new job, but other things have kept me busy as well. I went belly dancing with a friend for her birthday, and made a new friend there that I saw over the weekend for her birthday bash at an awesome Morrocan resturant that had a live band and everyone was dancing. So I confess, I've been going out and enjoying myself instead of sitting in front of the computer lately, the weather has been so pleasant . I went to the beach for a bit today as well. I try to balance my work, school and play time, and my website falls somewhere in-between. I work for myself as well as a other people, so even when I am home, I usually have projects lined up to do. I wish I could find a way to forego sleep, it seems such an absolute waste of time! When I went out Saturday night, I didn't get home till 4AM, then I had to get up again at 7AM to work....I worked all day Sunday and then was too tired to work on the site because I was sleepy, darnit, why does the human body need sleep so much?
That being said, I haven't forsaken any of the work on the site, and I will finish my Noir fic and get the KNM video done, I went to dinner with my folks last night and had my dad bring me the bonus effects disk for Pinnacle so I can tweak stuff some more.
That's the latest brief update, I'm going to go do my E-bay listings now (yet another sideline job that I do for people) and hopefully will have more time later to get back to the website stuff, which is far more interesting anyday!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

So sorry, so busy! 4-12-05

I'm sorry I haven't added more to the site lately, hopefully I will get a chance to catch up on things this weekend. I've started a new job, still have school, and last weekend went to Philly to see an awesome japanese cherry blossom festival. (I may put up a page and pix about it on the site). I drank some fierce sake too- it totally cleared my sinuses!
I've written more of the Noir fic but it's not ready to post. I've also been working on the Kannazuki AMV. I'm using Pinnacle to make this AMV, so it's going more slowly as I have to learn the software.
For those who have been dropping back by, thanks and keep the faith, more will stuff will be coming this weekend!

Monday, April 04, 2005

4-4-05: My Hime Monday!

Somehow I wound up making a My-Hime AMV last night. I had absolutely no intention of doing so- I was supposed to finish my Noir fic, but then this just happened.
I love this little piece of music- it has a lot of wind and openess to it, and also a sense of waiting... something I tried to convey in the AMV. Part of Natsuki's strength is Shizuru; and Natsuki is definitely Shizuru's weakness. Love can be like that, and I wanted to show that in the video. Also the part where Natsuki is staring into the red ocean...Shizuru's eyes are the same liquid red. That's why that scene is there.
Because of the wind of the music, I used the scenes of wind in their hair, and waiting. Love involves patience. And in the end, patience is rewarded.
That's it, I'm off to the Orioles opening day baseball game, so I don't know how much more writing I'll get done tonight but I really want to finish the story soon. Kirika is getting very impatient with me over here!

Saturday, April 02, 2005

4-2-05: For those reading the Noir story...

I was asked where the quote at the end of page 11 came from. I got it from episode 18 of Noir, from when Mireille was reading out loud from the copy pages that Kirika had given her. This was from the fansub; the DVD version may be a bit different, although I hope not, for I like it the way it is.
And I am, at this very moment, working on page 12. :)

Friday, April 01, 2005

4-1-05 Freaky Friday....

Today was spent digging a long ditch in the back yard in hopes of preventing future basement flooding, and filling in all the holes dug along the side of the house by the pit bull- which definitely was contributing to the flooding.
The Noir story is coming down to the wire, and once my hands uncurl from the shovel position they've held the last few hours, I will resume.
I'm still waiting in my bootleg Yami Bo and Kannazuki DVD's to come. (sighs) Whose idea was it to make Hong Kong so far away.....

Thought for the day: What did cavewomen do before chocolate? PMS must have really been rough then. Stuck in some damp cave, nobody's had a bath since birth, dead animal crap all around...and NO CHOCOLATE.