Tuesday, January 01, 2008

1-1-08: Starting off the new year with a BLOG

I could lie and hereby state that my New Year's resolution is to blog more, or openly admit that my blogging attempts match my attempts at sudoku... meager at best!

At any rate, happy new year everyone and many happy yuri returns! I've not had much time for my hobby lately, so additions have been few. I got the last volume of Read or Dream and was finally rewarded with a Michelle/Maggie kiss which I'll scan later. I also got the first 4 DVD's of Kurau for Christmas (thanks to my sneaky wifey!) as well as the collector box.

It's been a hectic few months and it's going to stay that way for a while- I'll try to make more time for another update soon as I would like to write more Eclipse before I forget how it ends myself, lol.

As for the latest AMV, I had wanted to include the yuri bits from Ikki Tousen in an AMV for a while, but it would have to be one that had fighting/action in it, and I knew I didn't have enough footage to warrant an entire AMV on the series. Nor exactly does the series deserve that kind of attention- if you want a better "panty-shot-show" then go watch Najica. Anyway, when I heard the song, I knew that the determination of Chikane would suit it so she got the other lead part. Why not toss in Jo from Bakuten since she kicks butt? Because she never had a conflict with what she did. She was a fighting machine from the start. So she'll have to wait her turn until the next "lesbian action AMV"! :)

During the last few months, people have continued to use all sorts of phrases that landed them on my site. Using these odd fragments of the the human mind, one must conclude that quite a few people did not get laid over the holidays, based on their searches below:

Yuri finger drool- Eeew, I'm never going to touch your keyboard...
Anime bath yuri- Did you use your anime yuri soap too? I'll bet it was extra lather, lol.
Yuri making out- see below for what that entails
She ran her hands under my bra- that would be a start I suppose...
Anime groping moaning- oh my, it's getting serious here!
Sniffed her- that's IT. Date OVER.
Naked under a robe- that's what happens when you get out of your yuri bath.
bakanlondon.com- Is that the British version of my site?
Finally- ok, ok, I know it's been a long time since I updated!Geez!

And finally, for a true "WTF" moment, we have this breaking news that found it's way onto my site:
Frida Kahlos clothing found in basement- what was in the dirty laundry, a yuri t-shirt or hentai panties? Just how did Ms. Kahlos' laundry find its way to my site? All this and more will not be explained next time in the episode of:
Nosy people- that's it, I officially give up deciphering the human mind! Until next month, ciao!


Blogger bystrouska said...

Yay! First comment of the new year! *little dance*

Anyway... Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu, bakaburôndu-san! It's great to read you again, and I am looking forward to more posts in 2008... as well as more AMVs, of course. :)

4:57 PM  
Blogger apprenticecelt said...

AArgg! I was beaten to the first comment!

...Well Then...

Yay an Update! I'm certainly glad the year is starting off in the right direction. Step 1 update sight, step two update blog next step... south :)

Another "lesbian action AMV"? You have a thing for chicks and kicking ass...that's all I will say about that ;-P

I look forward to when you have time for writing your infamous Fanfiction. Good times ahead Woot!

2:26 AM  
Anonymous apprenticecelt said...

What in the Heck! No Blog-dates since 2008 and now it's 2010. I think the Yuri picnic got moldy...
I'm sure you've been busy but we all miss you. Write us sometime :)

5:28 PM  

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