Saturday, July 21, 2007

Otaku Summer 7-21-07

In hopes I would be fired from the job of blogging, I slacked. It appears to have been in vain as all 3 of the people who read it have protested so here I am again, just in time for Otakon! Yes, Otaku Summer is alive and well here in the simmering city of Baltimore. I've been at work these last two days, but since I work directly across from the Convention Center, I have seen the freak parades daily and listened as my fellow co-workers try to make sense of what they were seeing. "Is that some sort of...Star Trek thing?" lol
I'm off tomorrow and will be doing my annual tour and photo shoot, so stay tuned for pictures and more snarky, totally uncalled-for comments!

In yuri news, the only new addition is My Hime volume 7, which completes the collection. But after visiting the dealer room at the con tomorrow, who knows what will make the list next month....

Reviewing the month of June, we come to this conclusion in the top 3 AMV department: Goofy yuri is a good thing as Pianobuden leads the pack. Swinging with style in second place is Kaleido Dream and the emo crowd is still enjoying Never Mine in third place.

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for, the winners of the Yuri Academy Awards- oh wait, this is the winners of the "Huh?" search awards that brought them to my site! I was going to ask Nana to present the awards this month but she's off being self-absorbed and Hachi was too busy mired in self-doubt to be bothered, so maybe next month. At any rate, the winners for June are:

pretty panty shots: you pervert! (runs and hides her Najica collection)
kirika mireille did it: And I'll bet you watched- have you no shame?
homo sex: see above
kozue breasts: almost sounds like there's more than two of them...
arm tingles: what happens to Juri when those famous Kozue breasts (however many of them she has) touch her!
dating: oh, you wish. Now go back to looking at your pretty panty shots.....

That's the wrap, I'm off to look for the camera to bring to Otakon tomorrow and stay tuned for pix-maybe I'll even get a shot of pretty panties!


Anonymous apprenticecelt said...

It’s a good thing we are planning on heading to the con together this morning. I’ll be meeting you promptly in your office my lady!

Thank you for the formal invitation ;)
See you soon,

6:21 AM  
Anonymous Being delicious is not everything said...


Otakon ... nearly makes one wish she lived in the midst of the madness.

Nearly. I'll wait here at the picnic for the pretty panty shots :3

10:38 PM  

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