Saturday, April 29, 2006

4-29-06 Yuri and the price of gas

For some reason I have been unable to obtain a government grant to do research about correlations between yuri and the price of gas...perhaps I should have not requested that my assistants be naked?
Anyway, April is almost over and with that in mind, let us bow our heads and blog.
Top three AMV's for the month: The Marimite gang still rules with Wanted leading the pack. In close second is the latest, Beautifully Broken, and in a surprising third is Closer. Is there a sudden resurgance of interest in the Devil Lady series?
Speaking of series, I have now completed my series collection for Burst Angel, Madlax, and Witch Hunter Robin. I've also started My Hime with the boxset, and am half-way through Gankutsuou.
As I said in the News section, I've started the process of uploading my videos onto YouTube. It seems some people are doing it already, and this person did an entire AMV from all my AMV's- I was sort of mad at first, but I guess I should be can go see it here for yourself.
Looks like they used Anything, A Moment, Valentine, Digging My Girl, and Breaking, just to name a few. I'm sure more people have done it, but I just haven't seen their videos. I'd like for people to be able to see my AMV's in their "original" form, before they are recycled by others.

Off the soapbox now, I've got to go get ready for a date, and I have in mind a comedy AMV for my next attempt...we'll see if I can make a humorous yuri AMV!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

4-5-06: Good news, bad news

First, the good news: I got a new PC (AMD dual core X2) that is way, way faster than the old one- so making AMV's just got easier!
Bad news: The onboard sound won't work. I ordered a new Turtle Beach soundcard and it will be here by April 18th, so no new AMV's for a while!
Of course this just means I have to concentrate on the fanfics more now :)

Other happenings: I've got a head cold as nasty as the firefight on the Normandy beaches in Call of Duty 2. Every time I cough it feels like someone hammers a nail into my head.....

Site happenings: Been sort of busy lately, but there are some new Chirality scans up. Once my head clears of snot and I can think again, it's back to the fanfic trenches. As for the top 3 AMV's in March, they were: Valentine, Wanted, and Yuriseed. Of note that so far this month, the ever-lasting Anything is back in third place again. This AMV is sort of like the Terminator...just when you think it's dead, it comes back, lol.

Of course I have to review some of the search phrases that brought people henceforth into my little yuri retreat, so here we go:

maria-sama lesbians- yep, that about sums it up.....
touch my chest- can we at least have one date first?
panty history- lol I'm sure Najica was very helpful to you
yuri ai yuri ai- is this some new lesbian mating call?
Kirika lemon- Mireille is working on that one, I'm sure....
my first lizbian sex- guess you won't be getting laid anytime soon, huh
where is my shoujo ai- probably some lizbian took it ;)

That's it, for now- more inane ramblings later and have a yuri day!