Monday, June 26, 2006

6-26-06: Time flies when.....

"Yuri" having fun. (Ducks and runs from her own bad pun)

Ah, my beloved blog. Good thing it's not a Neopet or it would be dead by now, lol.

Let's see: for this month, the top 3 AMV's are: Goodbye, Valentine, and My Hime. I guess the YouTubers are coming over to download their favorites.

Speaking of YouTube, the top 3 most viewed AMV's over there are: Used, Cutie Couple, and Valentine. Blowing them all out of the water is my non-anime piece, Always. I have no plans at this time to make another non-animated music video (unless I can find another really bad Indian movie with hawt lesbians lol).

Some DVD acquisitions: the last two volumes of Loveless. Yes, that means an AMV will be coming using this footage. Volume 2 of My Hime is now nested in the collector box. I got some other stuff, but my short-term memory impairment forbids any further recall.

You may have noticed I mentioned going to Japan. I'm going in August, and will be gone for about two weeks (or less, if I'm deported, lol). Anyway, I'll take lots of pictures and put up a section about my trip when I return.

And now, for the wonderful keywords that bring people hither to my site:

hard to make an amv- no argument there. A masochistic streak is required to make them...
how connect my mixer- better yet, how did you get here with that?
fanfiction ankle- all I can say is, I hope you found what you were looking for (coughs)
noir spatula kirika mireille- and so they found Washing The Dishes, lol
where do i go to make amv s?-
try sitting in front of your PC. Works for me.
rent fanfiction- nope, it's all free here. Help yourself!
extreme shoujo-ai- (Tosses the searcher into a tribe of Amazons). Go wild, baby.

That's it, I may now go to sleep without blogging guilt to keep me awake. And for all those who come by, and especially those who take the time to comment, my thanks as always!