Sunday, April 22, 2007

4-22-07: A yuri spring to all!

Ah, Spring. When a young woman's thoughts turn to... well, you can read about that in my fanfics! ;)
As usual, my blogging coincides with the monthly release of the Wii console. It's there, then gone again. Except in my case, no one is lining up in anticipation, lol.

I am trying to make the gallery bigger, as it seems people really like to ogle the yuri scene. So if you have pics you want to contribute, feel free to send them to me.

I don't really have much in the way of new additions this month. I did finally get the latest Shinobuden manga, and as usual, found myself smiling at insanity of it all. There will be scans in a future update!

On the Wii front, I must say, The Godfather rocks. I never knew it was so much fun to virtually snap someone's neck. If any of you are under stress and feel the need to pummel and pillage, then I highly recommend this game.

Regarding the site, the top 3 AMV's this month are as follows:
Leading the circus parade is of course Kaleido Dreams. Still haven't watched it but at least now I'm interested! The fans of unrequited love put Never Mine into second place. The third place one is a puzzler- Yuri Holidays. Are people that desperate for festivity? Now that summer approaches, will I be asked to make Yuri Picnic? Or maybe Yuri Pool Party? Wait- I'll make a videogame and call it Grand Theft Yuri (goal: hijack all the panties in the city). Now that ought to keep people busy all summer!

Now on to the section that proves it takes all kinds: The search phrases of the month! This month's winners are:

Madlax water guns- wow, I'm sure Bee Train wishes they thought of that.... not

Nanami and Touga fanfictions- you pervert! I could just puke at the idea! Haha, that's probably how they felt when they landed at my site, lol

Where can I find shoujo-ai wallpaper?- Aisle 11, next to the toilet paper, and across from the yuri madlax pads. Next!

Tough angel tattoo- hello, meet Jo. She will now place said tattoo on your face with her fist. Next!

Marimite fan bar- you know, I could see a place like this. The bouncer would be Rei. No one admitted without a school uniform. Once inside, some girl with glasses keeps taking your picture. Sachiko would be the bartender that ignores everyone, Yumi would be the clumsy waitress that spills everyone's drinks, and Touko would be the nasty cashier that wouldn't let you use your debit card. Wait a minute- where's Sei, you ask? Why, in the bathroom of course, groping all those who enter!

That's it, see you all next month, or down at the Marimite Bar, if you happen to wander in. ;)