Monday, October 02, 2006

10-2-06 A Yur-wii update!

Okay, let me take the rosary beads and go into blogging confession as it has been one month since my last blog post.... there, I feel better already.

As usual, real life remains busy, and the site gets updated as I have time. I really, really want to finish up Eclipse; unfortunately it takes longer to write than anything I've ever done. But I have a goal to reach the end by Christmas- let's see if I can do it.

The top 3 AMV's for the month of September were: My Pain (the Hime force is strong with this one), Love Song, and then the Marimite crowd piling into the back of the bus with Wanted.

No real Wii updates yet, I was at the GameStop today and they said maybe next week they will start taking deposits- they want to see how many units they're getting first. I think they want to avoid the 360 waitlist fiasco from last year. He told me lots of people are coming in and asking about the Wii, which is a good sign. They're only supposed to be getting 2-3 PS3's per store since Sony is having some sort of production problem. I'm not getting one anyway, but just in case someone else is interested, looks like it will be another year for parking lot mugging!

Back to yuri. I broke down and got the first two volumes of Kannazuki no Miko. One day I'll get around to ripping them, but right now, I don't have any more KNM AMV's in the works.

The forum really is a work in progress at this time, if you have any ideas for it or topics you'd like to see, please let me know! This forum is for you, not me- your yuri vote is important!

And now to that truly odd section of the human mind that goes onto the internet and searches- with keywords like the ones you see below. Yes, this is reality search tv- no one can make this stupid crap up!

doomed_pie: okay, who squealed about my lack of cooking skills.....
naked ways: Was this a poem Chikane recited to Himeko? "How doth I love thee- let me count the naked ways..."
fanfiction nausea sick: wow, I didn't think my writing was that bad...maybe I should leave moist towelettes in the fanfics section
girls puking videos: it's really hard to decide which is worse- the fact that someone searched for this, or the fact that somehow they got here!
pictures of people washing dishes: lol- let me just guess what story they found. I hope they enjoyed Mireille and Kirika's kitchen forays!

That's it, I'm back to work more on Eclipse, I don't like where I broke off so I intend to rectify that soon- hang in there, the net that Droger has cast will start to tighten in a way that leaves Kirika with an ultimate choice she must make....