Monday, September 04, 2006

9-4-06 The return of the blog and other scary things...

Well, I'm back, and in fine blogging shape (flexes mouse). So let us commence!

In the first order of things: I had a fabulous time in Japan and will definitely be returning there! I also took over 700 pictures, so do bear with me while I pare them down.

I will confess here and now that the first picture I took in Japan was of a toilet. Call it an anal fascination if you will, but something that plays music, makes diversion noises for your covert seated operations, and rinses/dries your hind end better than most dishwashers, is an object that requires at least a fleeting fancy. And so my septic saga was born- I traversed the land of latrines, making full use of my stall time. As to whether or not my seated research makes it onto my site remains to be seen, but trust me, this is not a field for the weak at heart (or knees, with all that squatting!) Also, it is not for those who don't carry tissue upon their person!

Moving on to anime-related things, I did aquire some yuri goodness when I wasn't in the bathroom, so it will be making its way onto the site!

As for state-side aquisitions, I did pick up volume 3 of the Hime series and I also got the entire Haibane Renmei set in the collector box for $20. Yes, I scored (bows). Gamestop was having a clearance sale. I really just went in to ask when the Wii release date was (I was told November 18th) and I spotted the CLEARANCE sign. The rest is history!

Looking at August, the top three AMV's on the site were: My Pain (to be expected), Yuripendence, and a sudden resurgance of interest brought Kakumei Love Song into third.

For those who don't read my little "News" snippet, I will really, truly, be putting up a forum. So stay tuned, because I want to do that this month, before my life goes into a total tailspin next month.

And now for the part we've all been waiting for... the whacky search phrases that bring poor unsuspecting souls to my site!
And the winners are...

<>watching margaret have sex- I think Madlax and Vanessa would prefer other hobbies....
panty amv- I will be making that Najica AMV, be patient!
how to find out who fixed a jinx- well, it wasn't me, and may I suggest medication?
yari my-hime- ah, My Hime, pirate-style. In yet another Hime incarnation, this time Captain Shizuru sails the yuri seas looking for booty. (Wow, some people have all the fun jobs). The ship's cook, Mai, accidently burns the whole vessel down while flinging fire from her arms. The crew escapes in the lifeboat Mikoto to a desert island where the lingerie goddess Natsuki lives. Shizuru takes Natsuki as her first mate and they all live happily ever after.

On that happy Hime note, I bid you all farewell (all three of you now!) and I'll be back on the next update- in the meantime, don't forget to FLUSH!