Wednesday, November 23, 2005

11-23-05: Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope you like the pic of Vanessa and Madlax! I wanted to add the latest update to A Page Re-written, but time did not allow it (and I'm picky about where I break a story).
Anyway, the most popular AMV this month is the latest, Used, far outpacing the rest of the competition. After that comes Maybe, then Love Song and what seems to be the steady favorite, Anything.
The Thanksgiving pic I posted I got from the inside cover of the latest Madlax DVD, volume four. I just got that one this week and have been happily watching it. Also recently added to the collection: Najica Blitz Tactics (all three DVD's), Plastic Little, the third volume of Burst Angel (now I have all four so far) and the first volume of Gankutsuou. Okay, so Gankutsuou: Count of Monte Cristo isn't exactly yuri, but I love the animation of the series.
I know Najica was a panty-shot show, but it actually had a plot that made me care about the characters in the end. The DVD's are excellent quality and look great. Panties in lovely detail!
Sorry there's not more updates at the moment, it's gotten rather busy lately, and the only "anime time" I've had is watching the latest Madlax DVD while walking on the treadmill. Exciting, ne?
I am going to try and get one more AMV done before Christmas, but my December calendar is filling up faster that the forward compartments on the Titanic! So we'll see. I've got a song just burning in my head that I want to do a Battle Athletes AMV to, but if not this month, then next.

That's it for now, hope those who celebrate the holiday enjoy themselves, and to everyone that was kind enough to write in the guestbook- thank you! It's very encouraging and I really appreciate it!

Friday, November 04, 2005

11-04-05: Another month, another AMV

These things are like flies, they're just everywhere! Seriously, I had two consecutive days off from work so I had time to make the latest AMV. The song was burning a hole in my head and this was a good way to get rid of it. I felt Uta-Kata had the sort of dark undertone that went through the music, plus the see-saw relationship of Ichika and Manatsu suited this perfectly. I tried to stick with two of the three themes in the show: the water and the funky jewelry. I left out the locust that they kept passing (remember how Ichika freaked when she saw it had finally died). But locusts don't add much to a yuri AMV, so the little fellow didn't make the cut, lol.

I received my last Battle Athletes DVD and have officially finished the series. I liked Akari so much more in this one than in Victory. Kris was only disappointing in that she was not so obviously smitten with Akari- but still she managed to kiss her, so I gave her some snaps for that. And she looked really pretty at the end as a priestess! Needless to say, AMV material was found here. At some point I will add this in my reviews section.

Site stats for last month took a vacation (broken for two weeks) but it looked like Anything and Love Song were the top contenders until then. We'll see if Used can challenge Anything this month.

I got the latest Burst Angel DVD, and will probably get Madlax volume 4 soon. So many girls, so little time.....can it get any better?

I would tell what AMV I want to make next, but since the Muses run my life, and they are such whimsical beings, I have given up on promises. It will just happen. I have three songs churning right now, and that's all I can say at this point.

Thanks for stopping by and have a yuri day!