Saturday, January 28, 2006

1-28-06 A little AMV and a little blogging

This AMV happened, as most of them do, quite by accident. I was thinking of putting up some more scans this month but a certain personal event in my life, that had me lose something I love, gave impetus for this little AMV. The whole piece was actually centered around the flame burning out. Nothing lasts forever; and so we move on.

Due to positive feedback I will start working on a forum again. However, time is at a premium due to a recent promotion that has made me the Director at the center where I work. I'm glad for it but also even busier than before, so I will do my best to still update the site twice a month, but only time will tell if this is possible.

Not too many new additions as of late. The latest Madlax, volume 6, is now at home here. As is a large 32 inch flatscreen LCD tv, so I can watch my comrades die in even better detail while playing Call of Duty 2 on my 360, lol. There's a pic of it here (with my Tokyo Extreme Racer 2 game from my Dreamcast) .

As for the top 3 AMV's on the site- Marimite leads the way with All I Really Wanted. Making a surprise leap into the number two spot is the little My Hime tribute to Natsuki and Shizuru. And the absolutely indefatigable Anything is entrenched in third.

For a little laugh, I have put in here the top three oddest search phrases that have led people to my site so far this month (and I don't want to know how that happened). Here they are:

three-6-mafia poppin my collar (WTF??? Gangsta anime?)
how to make a shutter for very small bathroom window (I'll be sure to throw that in a lemon fic sometime- ought to really liven it up!)
are you a yuri fan? (why YES, and glad to see you are too!)

That's it, have a yuri weekend and I'll be back soon with more yuri goodness!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

1-12-06: Happy New Yuri Year!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays, I know I did mine. I got the latest Madlax DVD (volume 5) for Christmas, and I also picked up volume 3 of Kiddy Grade and Ikki Tousen. Of course I haven't had time to watch anything, but it's nice to know that the stockpile is there if needed!

The site has officially been up for one year now. Last January when I started the site, I had a total of 148 visitors for the month. Fast forward to this year. As of today, I've had 3,169 visitors so far this month, with over 30 gigs of AMV's downloaded. Quite a leap! So I want to say thanks to the yuri community for your support, and I hope to be making more yuri goodness for a long time.

As for the most popular AMV's on the site- for last month, here's how it went: Used was leading the pack until my new Marimite AMV was released, which blew by it in the last few days before Christmas. So for December, the top three AMV's were: All I Wanted, Used, and Kakumei Love Song. The die-hard Anything finished a close fourth.
Strangely enough, this month has seen the old one-minute My Hime AMV shoot up into second, with the resolute Anything back in third. I'm guessing the Otome series has generated the Shizuru/Natsuki revival. (Please Natsuki, this time return the luv).

That's it for the moment, hope people like the Bakuten scans, Meg is just sooooo smitten with Jo, but who can blame her? I am too!