Tuesday, December 20, 2005

12-20-05: Have a Merry Marimite Christmas!

Ending the year on a positive note is my latest AMV with Sachiko and Yumi. I hope you like it. Sorry more has not been done with the site lately, but at least I traded in my Xbox 360 addiction for more seasonal endeavors. The week after Christmas is going to be nighmarishly busy (I have jury duty on top of everything else) so updates may be delayed yet again.

Hmmm...what's been added to the collection lately- well you've seen some new stuff in the Gallery. I also got the DVD of Plastic Little, I found it really cheap at a used CD store. I upgraded my primary HD to a 160 gig drive, and got a dual-layer DVD burner, so my tech specs are in better shape. I also got some more Witch Hunter Robin DVD's, not yuri-related but I really liked the show.

As for what AMV's are popular this month, Used leads the pack by far, with Love Song and Anything fighting it out for second place. I'm amazed at how well Anything holds its ground every month. There must be a lot of Kannazuki fans out there!

That's it, everyone have a great holiday and thanks for stopping in at the retreat!

Monday, December 12, 2005

12-12-05: Blame it on Microsoft and Santa

Well, the holidays are upon us, and the frantic shopping and wrapping is finally done. I was going to do more site updates but something else happened....
It's all Bill's fault that the site hasn't been updated! If the XBox 360 hadn't been unleashed, I'd still be working on my site instead of fighing alongside my comrades in Call of Duty 2, or swinging around the Jungle in King Kong. So my apologies to my Yuri Comrades- I really will get back to it all soon, and definitely before Christmas. REEEALLLLY!