Sunday, June 19, 2005

6-19-05 Well here's the scoop

Nothing up new yet because I've been doing all sorts of things, and none of them finished!
I've done some scans of the first two volumes of Bakuretsu Tenshi but haven't got them ready to post yet. There will be a section just devoted to Jo- er, Bakuten. Okay, just Jo and Meg, and then just Jo. I'm a Jo fangirl, I confess!
Also, I'm working on a My Hime AMV, it's close to being done and I think within the next week or so it will be up.
And how about that Noir fic? Well, see above. Also blame the nice weather, and my friends for dragging me out to concerts and ballgames over the weekend. How dare they rouse me from this seat and make me go have a life and some fun!
I also started to make a forum, which took a lot of time and I'm scared to death to actually put it up, because then I will have to take care of it. I'll probably get lucky and no one will post or have any problems with it, because I truly have very little idea of what I'm doing. :)
Hope everyone is having a great summer! New stuff will be coming soon!

Friday, June 10, 2005

6-10-05 Sorry the site was down!

I'm off to work so this is just a quick note of apology, I took quite a hit from being linked over at Yuri studios. Supposedly my AMV's she picked will be hosted over there and the direct download link to my site removed, but in the meantime, I'll just have to keep a closer eye on my bandwidth useage (which, with my host, is not easy to do- they said they sent me four e-mails, and I never got anything). So I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for the next few days. If need be, I will take a look at upgrading or changing my hosting so this doesn't happen again. Currently I'm allowed 10 gigs per day and I went over the limit, so they shut me down.
This doesn't mean that the AMV's are going off my site; I will still host them. And there will be more AMV's coming, just like when you put two bunnies together of the opposite gender... :)

Thursday, June 02, 2005

6-3-05: Eclipse , May, and Moi

Well as of today I'm another year older. That I'm anything else, such as wiser, remains debatable. But there is one thing on which I have no doubts at all; and that is starting this site. The wonderful feedback I've received, and the joy of creation in making the works on here, has made this a positive experience for me.
It seems the Kannazuki Anything AMV gave way to Switch as the hottest ticket on the site during the month of May. It will be interesting to see whether an AMV or the Noir fic pulls in front for the month of June.
Speaking of that Noir fic: Eclipse will be the Noir movie that I'll never get to make. When I'm done with this, I will be done with Noir. I approached this project as if it were a film; before I ever wrote one thing, I started planning. I had to plan around certain scenes and key elements that were to be used. I had to plan where chapters (just like a movie DVD) would break. I reviewed my characters and their motives- because their motives drive their dialogue and actions. The characters should be so defined, that just their dialogue alone reveals their personality. We are all human; but it is our expression that makes us individuals.
One thing I admired so much about the series was that it didn't waste the screen time it had; every scene had a purpose. I've attempted to do the same here- create a world where every paragraph matters. Hopefully I will succeed, and you will enjoy the ride into darkness known as Eclipse.