Wednesday, November 01, 2006

11-01-06: 'Tis Wiivember, and time for a yuri update!

Another month arrives to find my blog still alive. I tried to have it euthanized, but internet activists picketed my mail server, so I relented. Perhaps soon the social webservices people will come take it away altogether due to neglect and place it in a blog foster home. One can only hope!

Yes, I confess- I am totally excited about the arrival of the Wii, so I am updating now before major distraction sets in mid-month, courtesy of Nintendo's wiimote. if I could only invent a yurwiimote, my life would be complete. :)

Onward to business. Is everyone here? Ah yes, I see you both. Let's commence.
First up, additions to the collection: The Kannazuki DVD's are all now accounted for, as are all four of the Jubei Chan 2 series. Ikkitousen is now in its smarmy entirety, and a new Noir soundtrack CD has found its way home. It's practically raining yuri over here!

The top 3 AMV's for October were: Kakumei Love Song (must be a lot of Pink fans out there), then the latest, Swept Away, followed by the Hime hordes with My Pain.

Upcoming things: the elections, Black Friday, increased gas prices, and another AMV from me. Personally, I think the last one sounds the best, and I'm excited about it- I think people will really like this one, so hang in there!

And in closing, I once again bring proof that aliens are already among us- here are search words by which people stumbled onto the Area 51 of yuri......

my little toyz: my little repulsion. Please, put them away!
flat-chested kirika: I'm letting Mireille handle this one. She'll be knocking at your door shortly.
shoujo-ai and yuri naked: this is why I don't have a webcam....
yuri pose: Madonna, forget Vogue. You've just found something better!
do you ever wear underwear: lolololololol do you ever get laid?

That's it, really, after that last one, I can't take it anymore. These people walk among us! But fear not, our passion for yuri keeps us strong- and makes us buy pretty lacy panties! Ciao!


Anonymous apprentice celt said...

You keep forgetting about me… Whatever shall I do? Hmm… either you forget about me or you are hinting that I’m not needed in your blog-life.
I may have a solution: if I invent the yurwiimote maybe then you’ll pay more attention to me. Is that anything like a yuritoy? I need some direction to fulfill this request, input is necessary I must get your attention and the approval of all Bakablonde friends. (Kind of like FDA approval)
The pretty lacy panties would be easier to find but not nearly as much fun. On a side note, to answer your last question, I do get laid, cuz I’m too damn cute to pass on. =p

Good luck with the Wii lines, I’m sure you’ll be out in the cold for those. :-) Thank you for sharing the yuri goodness, it is always appreciated. Also, the Eclipse update is awesomeness.

~apprentice celt

7:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah, good to see an update from you :D And a new AMV to boot!
Great job ;D
...Man I never know what to say in these comments >.<
anyway, take care and keep the yuri coming :D


5:31 PM  
Anonymous Rai (Said like Ray or Rei) said...

^^ wee heh it's good to see your still her bakablode (has been cut from in/net for 4 moths or so..was on to long with a firend that really needed to talk.) I still havn't been abile to do my own amv yet.. each time I try my compy dies ~sighs and pouts~ anyway keep up the awsome work ^w^ btw I think one of your vids one a compotion out here in B.C. I could be wrong hehe but I sure wouldn't have been sruprised chow for now heh.

ps the web page is my pro on gaia... um... ~blushes~
if anyone achuly gose and looks.. if ya got an acount and your gona post a coment..just be nice heh.. not that ya wouldn't but.. it's..not your avrige profile.. ~blushes deeper~ chow

8:53 PM  

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