Thursday, May 26, 2005

5-26-05 Stuff! Most popular AMV's, coming stuff, etc.

I've been looking at the site stats, and just from looking at different items, here's what is most popular right now:
The Kannazuki AMV (502 for the month so far)
The Switch AMV (very hot on the heels of the KNM vid, probably because it's new) at 490
The Noir fanfic (264)
The AMV "A Love Eternal" (258)
and the My Hime AMV (253)

This site just started on Jan 27th 2005, and it's been steadily growing each month; and just in case you weren't bored already, and you're feeling nosy, I'm posting them below.
MonthUnique visitorsNumber of visitsPagesHitsBandwidth
Jan 20051021487109072.56 GB
Feb 20053837392792187408.47 GB
Mar 2005715138461985202614.42 GB
Apr 200516162908103418765321.32 GB
May 200515342561108978305522.25 GB
(May is incomplete, but looks like it will outpace April)

So thanks everyone for stopping by! And I really want to thank those who take the time to write in my guestbook, encouragement helps keep me going on days when I feel too tired to make an effort otherwise. Also, if there's something you would like to see on the site, or something you feel would make it better, please let me know! I really want this to be a place that yuri fans enjoy visiting.

I have already started on the Noir sequel, Eclipse. I will post this up in chapters just like the last story, but I am going to wait till I have a good bit of it done. I'm still working on a storyboard, so to speak, of how things will go on this one. I wish I could make the movie, but instead I'll just have to write it. Ah, to have one's own anime studio... (closes her eyes and dreams).
I've also written a bit more on the Madlax fic, just not enough to post yet. But it's not been forgotten!
I have some more AMV's in mind, there will be one devoted entirely to Noir, and another one that will have both Noir and Sol Bianca (and maybe more) in it. Of course, as always, other ones happen that are totally unplanned, like the Switch one, so who knows really what will pop up next!
I'm also going to be re-encoding some of the AMV's in MPEG2 format, so they will look nicer on playback. I will keep the original format up for those who want smaller files.
On a personal note, I registered for Otakon, and will be happily attending this year sans children, so I think I'm going to get a chance to really enjoy it! If I find anything fascinating, I'll report on it here!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

5-12-05: Tepid Thursday and another AMV

I know it's been a while since I did anything here and I apologize, but work has been very busy. Then yesterday I was stricken with a sudden head cold and stayed home- thus this AMV was made while I was brain-dead and too miserable to sleep. It was, literally, a one-day "affair".
For those who don't already know, the footage is from Kurau: Phantom Memory. And for those who do know the show, yes, I know Christmas is Kurau's pair and sorry for leaving her out of this, but I like Ayaka and Kurau together :)
I wanted to do a Kurau piece ever since I heard this music. It's just got an "agent" feel to it. I also really grew to like Ayaka's character, as you watch her attitude toward Kurau change, and as she discovers the lies that surround her... she's an interesting person to me. Ayaka wants to do the right thing- and in the end, she realizes the right thing means ditching the GPO.
For those incensed that Christmas didn't get her air time, relax, she will in the future. This won't be my last use of the series!
Enjoy- the chase is on!