Monday, August 07, 2006

8-7-06: One last blog for the road!

It's August! Which means I'm going to Japan soon. Very soon in fact, just a matter of hours. But since it seems there really are people that read this blog (and I'd like to thank both of you, lol) I'm doing a quick update.

No new aquisitions lately, I've been far too busy with family matters and work. Unless you want to count the weight I've gained from stress and eating chocolate, in which case, I've bested the stock market in gains there!

The top three AMV's on the site for July were:
Yuripendence- a little Yuri goes a long way :)
Wanted- those Marimite fans are insatiable, it seems
Goodbye- I can just imagine what a hit this is with the PMS crowd. (hands out hankies and chocolate)

I can't leave without posting some of the oddities that brought people to my site in July:

Nued- ah yes, but is it art? And even more importantly, is it yuri?
fanfiction ice her ankle- okay , this ankle fetish person is back again.... >_>
yuri smoochies- mmm... that's my favorite candy!
devil thongs- is that what Kazumi bought Jun for Christmas?
fanfiction gabrielle pains- um, what a way to find that Xena story I did (poor gabrielle!)
boob squad- and so they landed in the Bakuten Bordello, lol

That's it! I'm literally out of here, my apologies for my brevity, but I MUST FLY, lol.