Thursday, March 27, 2008

3-28-08: A Spring blog cleaning!

Time to shake out and dust off the old blog! Spring is here and yuri is near with the latest updates on the site. It's been forever, so let's see what has transpired:

Aquisitions: DVD 1 of Strawberry Panic (still unwatched), and the first two DVD's for Simoun (almost done watching). I also watched the latest Appleseed movie and wow did they turn Deunan into a girl. Since when did she so often need to be saved? I know it was part of the plot but it was painful to watch. Hitomi made some cameos for specific plot points but she was just a walk-on for a few minutes here and there. The action scenes had all been done before. I did watch the whole thing but I'm not inclined to buy it in the least. The other movie was so much better- Deunan really kicked butt, the action and animation totally outdid this last movie. Meh.

The latest AMV was truly a "quickie" in that it was made in a day and tweaked the next day as I saw a few glitches, then re-loaded back onto the site. I don't know how popular Murder Princess was but it really wasn't a bad anime. Bee Train sure has a thing for deadly young women lol. At any rate I just did a little twisting for a better yuri story out of it.

I always write about what the top AMV's are on the site, but what about the top items in the Gallery? So for something different, let's see what people are peeking at: Shinobuden ninjas herself into first place, Chirality half-nakedly powers into second, and good old Kannazuki (minus the mecha) takes third.

On a personal note, tomorrow the real estate agent comes to list our Baltimore house on the market. It will be a relief to be down to one house and get moved for good, which means I will once again have more time for the site and in general just be a lot happier!

Back to the business at hand, and what people really read this blog for: the latest wtf? phrases that cause people to wander onto the site. We have some real winners this time, so hold onto your yuri hats (or helmets, whichever).

Comparing boob sizes- Ah, you must have been looking for the Bakuten Bordello.
Where do my anime clips go when I save them? I don't know, did you look under your bed?
Yami to Boushi doesn't make any sense- Sure it does, if you're on hallucinogenic drugs. Not only that, but if you play all 13 eps backwards, you get the Utena movie! Is that the lemon-free version of the site for the younger crowd?
Juri Nanami- OMG, I think I'm going to be sick. Eeeww.
Shougo ai- Is this the latest yuri trend? Is that "g" for the "G-spot"?
Fanfiction she belched- erm, what an attractive date you have there
Why is there a shortage of yuri? Because not enough people are belching out yuri fanfiction, silly!
Learn to kiss- well, I've got plenty of pictures on the site for reference. Other than that, you're on your own!
Fanfiction weightlifting- is that some sort of contest? "Hey, I just wrote a 45 ton emo fic! Ha!"
I have a niece who patterns her life choices after mine and it is very annoying- what, do I look like a therapist? Ok, since she does everything you do, here's how you solve the problem: climb up on a tall building and jump- problem solved!
Midget sex movies- woah, speaking of needing therapy.....

And with the visuals from that last search phrase fresh in our heads, let us adjourn at this time. Thanks for reading and see you all next month!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

1-1-08: Starting off the new year with a BLOG

I could lie and hereby state that my New Year's resolution is to blog more, or openly admit that my blogging attempts match my attempts at sudoku... meager at best!

At any rate, happy new year everyone and many happy yuri returns! I've not had much time for my hobby lately, so additions have been few. I got the last volume of Read or Dream and was finally rewarded with a Michelle/Maggie kiss which I'll scan later. I also got the first 4 DVD's of Kurau for Christmas (thanks to my sneaky wifey!) as well as the collector box.

It's been a hectic few months and it's going to stay that way for a while- I'll try to make more time for another update soon as I would like to write more Eclipse before I forget how it ends myself, lol.

As for the latest AMV, I had wanted to include the yuri bits from Ikki Tousen in an AMV for a while, but it would have to be one that had fighting/action in it, and I knew I didn't have enough footage to warrant an entire AMV on the series. Nor exactly does the series deserve that kind of attention- if you want a better "panty-shot-show" then go watch Najica. Anyway, when I heard the song, I knew that the determination of Chikane would suit it so she got the other lead part. Why not toss in Jo from Bakuten since she kicks butt? Because she never had a conflict with what she did. She was a fighting machine from the start. So she'll have to wait her turn until the next "lesbian action AMV"! :)

During the last few months, people have continued to use all sorts of phrases that landed them on my site. Using these odd fragments of the the human mind, one must conclude that quite a few people did not get laid over the holidays, based on their searches below:

Yuri finger drool- Eeew, I'm never going to touch your keyboard...
Anime bath yuri- Did you use your anime yuri soap too? I'll bet it was extra lather, lol.
Yuri making out- see below for what that entails
She ran her hands under my bra- that would be a start I suppose...
Anime groping moaning- oh my, it's getting serious here!
Sniffed her- that's IT. Date OVER.
Naked under a robe- that's what happens when you get out of your yuri bath. Is that the British version of my site?
Finally- ok, ok, I know it's been a long time since I updated!Geez!

And finally, for a true "WTF" moment, we have this breaking news that found it's way onto my site:
Frida Kahlos clothing found in basement- what was in the dirty laundry, a yuri t-shirt or hentai panties? Just how did Ms. Kahlos' laundry find its way to my site? All this and more will not be explained next time in the episode of:
Nosy people- that's it, I officially give up deciphering the human mind! Until next month, ciao!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

9-7-07: Return of the Blog

I thought I could get out of blogging by going into the hospital but as luck would have it, I got better and they discharged me. Just as well, as I've got my Yurisai AMV panel going on at the end of the month and have to get something together for my one hour presentation. I thought perhaps a small tupperware party, followed by a yuri picnic, might be in order. Or I could actually stick to the topic at hand, we shall see!

As for recent acquisitions, I got the 2nd Kashimashi manga, and the last two volumes of Read Or Dream (that would be 3 and 4). Have to say I enjoyed the anime far more than the manga, except Michelle does FINALLY kiss Maggie in volume 4. About time!
I've also got book volumes 2 and 4 of Chirality on the way- I gave up on ever trying to find the individual issues again. At least now I can read the ending (and if it's a good one, scan it for everyone else!) Therefore next month may include more Chirality scans, cross your fingers!

So, what was popular in the AMV section last month? No surprise that girls catfighting in Yuri Tears was number one; it was quite a surprise that My Hime rose from the dead and zombie-walked over Pianobuden into a solid second place. Can nothing douse the unrequited flames of Shizuru/Natsuki?

I just realized I haven't said anything wonderful about the Wii lately, but I will say that the local library carries Wii games and lends them out for free. FREE. And people say there's no heaven on earth! That being said, stay away from Chicken Shoot. More like Chicken Shit, so spare yourself. SSX Blur was fun, and the new Harry Potter isn't bad either. Marble Mania is great for people who like to roll cute things around. It's actually much better than Super Monkey Ball (my monkey cries a lot, lol). So check out your library, they may be holding out on you!

Speaking of things that make monkeys cry, or at the very least scratch their heads, I now give you the strange searches that somehow landed people on this little yuri island.

read eclipse now- great, make me feel guilty for not updating!
girls who are yuri fans- are THE BEST :)
page28 yuri- I believe that's right next to Area 51. Keep looking!
propecia- okay, how did a hair loss search wind up here? Is yuri a secret cure for baldness? Come to think of it, I haven't seen any yuri with bald chicks- must be true!
shoujo ai bed- Interesting. Does it embrace you lovingly at night and cry in the morning when you leave it?
doomed_pie- That's probably what would happen if Deunan decided to cook..... and I know that's what would happen if I tried!
boob manga scans- Guess you landed at the Bordello. Meg says "howdy!"
after sweet kiss- you wind up in the shoujo ai bed, silly
raws theme song- well if I had one, it would go something like this:
Where oh where have my little raws gone
Oh where oh where could they be?
My torrent is dead and the codecs are wrong
Oh god it sucks to be me!

On that note, I'm wrapping it up here. Anyone coming to Yurisai, see you there in a few weeks! (And I know already that AC will be there, because she's riding shotgun with me and as always just being her wonderful little self. If it wasn't for her, my PC would probably still be dead).
Off to that shoujo ai bed with me, and until next time, yuri cheers!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Otaku Summer 7-21-07

In hopes I would be fired from the job of blogging, I slacked. It appears to have been in vain as all 3 of the people who read it have protested so here I am again, just in time for Otakon! Yes, Otaku Summer is alive and well here in the simmering city of Baltimore. I've been at work these last two days, but since I work directly across from the Convention Center, I have seen the freak parades daily and listened as my fellow co-workers try to make sense of what they were seeing. "Is that some sort of...Star Trek thing?" lol
I'm off tomorrow and will be doing my annual tour and photo shoot, so stay tuned for pictures and more snarky, totally uncalled-for comments!

In yuri news, the only new addition is My Hime volume 7, which completes the collection. But after visiting the dealer room at the con tomorrow, who knows what will make the list next month....

Reviewing the month of June, we come to this conclusion in the top 3 AMV department: Goofy yuri is a good thing as Pianobuden leads the pack. Swinging with style in second place is Kaleido Dream and the emo crowd is still enjoying Never Mine in third place.

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for, the winners of the Yuri Academy Awards- oh wait, this is the winners of the "Huh?" search awards that brought them to my site! I was going to ask Nana to present the awards this month but she's off being self-absorbed and Hachi was too busy mired in self-doubt to be bothered, so maybe next month. At any rate, the winners for June are:

pretty panty shots: you pervert! (runs and hides her Najica collection)
kirika mireille did it: And I'll bet you watched- have you no shame?
homo sex: see above
kozue breasts: almost sounds like there's more than two of them...
arm tingles: what happens to Juri when those famous Kozue breasts (however many of them she has) touch her!
dating: oh, you wish. Now go back to looking at your pretty panty shots.....

That's the wrap, I'm off to look for the camera to bring to Otakon tomorrow and stay tuned for pix-maybe I'll even get a shot of pretty panties!

Monday, June 04, 2007

6-4-07: June Jammin'

It's June. Which means summer, graduation, inflated gas prices, and standing in line behind people who could really use a shower. Speaking of things that stink, it's time for me to blog again as I missed last month. Therefore, without further unwashed pomp and circumstance, I will proceed.

First up, nothing much new in the yuri collection other than some Kashimashi manga. Of course there will be scans later! On the AMV side of things, I am working on an entry for Yurisai this year which I will post on my site as well. And I just ordered a 500 gig drive from Amazon because making all these AMV's eats more space than you can imagine!

Site-wise, I am still pondering (as I have for years) on putting up a forum, but I do have offers of help so it may yet happen. As for the most popular AMV's for the month of May, here goes: In the center ring is Kaleido Dream. Moping in the corner of melancholy is Never Mine, and celebrating out in the parking lot is the feel-good Yuri Holidays. I swear, that last one won't die- maybe I really should make a Yuri Picnic AMV!

Speaking of picnic, it's time to spread out the yuri blanket and see what oddities of search phrases made their way to the site. Enjoy the nonsensical feast!

tiara s and how to make them- well then, have a yuri princess you'd like to impress? Good luck!
anime prom- Take your yuri princess out on a date to the prom! Perfect!
she pressed back into me- Aha, a sign of things going well on your date.
gun under her dress- Er, maybe things aren't going so well after all.... next time don't date any girls from Bee Train!
nao wrestling fic- what you wind up reading later after your prom date goes bad.

That's it for now, hold onto your yuri tiaras as I'll be back next month with another bout of yuri to battle your summertime boredom!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

4-22-07: A yuri spring to all!

Ah, Spring. When a young woman's thoughts turn to... well, you can read about that in my fanfics! ;)
As usual, my blogging coincides with the monthly release of the Wii console. It's there, then gone again. Except in my case, no one is lining up in anticipation, lol.

I am trying to make the gallery bigger, as it seems people really like to ogle the yuri scene. So if you have pics you want to contribute, feel free to send them to me.

I don't really have much in the way of new additions this month. I did finally get the latest Shinobuden manga, and as usual, found myself smiling at insanity of it all. There will be scans in a future update!

On the Wii front, I must say, The Godfather rocks. I never knew it was so much fun to virtually snap someone's neck. If any of you are under stress and feel the need to pummel and pillage, then I highly recommend this game.

Regarding the site, the top 3 AMV's this month are as follows:
Leading the circus parade is of course Kaleido Dreams. Still haven't watched it but at least now I'm interested! The fans of unrequited love put Never Mine into second place. The third place one is a puzzler- Yuri Holidays. Are people that desperate for festivity? Now that summer approaches, will I be asked to make Yuri Picnic? Or maybe Yuri Pool Party? Wait- I'll make a videogame and call it Grand Theft Yuri (goal: hijack all the panties in the city). Now that ought to keep people busy all summer!

Now on to the section that proves it takes all kinds: The search phrases of the month! This month's winners are:

Madlax water guns- wow, I'm sure Bee Train wishes they thought of that.... not

Nanami and Touga fanfictions- you pervert! I could just puke at the idea! Haha, that's probably how they felt when they landed at my site, lol

Where can I find shoujo-ai wallpaper?- Aisle 11, next to the toilet paper, and across from the yuri madlax pads. Next!

Tough angel tattoo- hello, meet Jo. She will now place said tattoo on your face with her fist. Next!

Marimite fan bar- you know, I could see a place like this. The bouncer would be Rei. No one admitted without a school uniform. Once inside, some girl with glasses keeps taking your picture. Sachiko would be the bartender that ignores everyone, Yumi would be the clumsy waitress that spills everyone's drinks, and Touko would be the nasty cashier that wouldn't let you use your debit card. Wait a minute- where's Sei, you ask? Why, in the bathroom of course, groping all those who enter!

That's it, see you all next month, or down at the Marimite Bar, if you happen to wander in. ;)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

3-11-07 March Madness!

No, it's not the madness of gas prices rising again, it's the madness that drives me to blog here with the same frequency of rain in the Gobi Desert. But I musn't disappoint my loyal readers (having you both mad at me at the same time would be terrible, lol.) Therefore, without further ado... I proceed.

Latest additions to the yuri collection: Volumes 2 and 3 of Ninja Nonsense. One more and I'll be done! Speaking of Shinobuden, volume 2 of the manga was due out last fall, then pushed back to January of this year, and still is nowhere in sight. I demand my ridiculous adventures of Shinobu and Kaede! Hurry up already!

The top 3 AMV's so far this month are: Never Mine (from Yami Bo, a series that was Never Good). The same people that procrastinate over taking down the Christmas decorations are still celebrating with Yuri Holidays in the number two spot. And the eternally hopeful Yumi/Sachiko fans march in third with Someone Like Yumi.

For those who wonder "Hey, what do people look at the most in the Gallery?" Well, now you can sleep at night, because I checked that out for you! This month, the most popular eyeball spots were Chirality, followed by Shinobuden, and the gun-totin' Bakuten Bordello rounded out the lot. I guess Meg's boobs (or maybe Joe's guns?) have more staying power than I thought!

Of course, my post would not be complete without the thing people come looking for here . No, not the winning lottery numbers- the winning search phrases that bring people here to my site! So let's skip the nominees and just announce the winners:

Nana yuri- ah, optimism. Or perhaps this really means their grandmother likes yuri?

Fat cosplayers pictures- I do not want to know your purpose behind this request...

Written anime yuri stories- as opposed to what, verbal ones?

Mai Hime fanfiction yuri story- Heh. As if there's any other kind.

Natsuki & Shizuru in love fanfiction- nope, apparently not.

Other- folks, we have a winner here! Whatever ambiguous thing they were looking for, I hope they found it and didn't have to go to some other site! Cause like, DUH!

Well, I have other things to do, so I must sign off for now. Until next time, keep the yuri peace and all that other stuff, k?